Fragrance Glossary

Fragrance is everything to us


We want you to be just as passionate & informed as us, so we have listed all the Fragrance and Essential oils we use. 

Fragrance Oils

Because the fragrance is the feature of any final product which reminds you of why you fell in love with it, we have sought out the most reputable candle fragance oil suppliers in Australia.  They have a diverse range of fragrances, developed to give the best scent through (cold & hot) & compatible with the coconut/soy wax we use.  Most importantly, the oils have been created completely vegan/cruelty free and do not contain palm oil.  

These fragrance oils are now accessible to you!

Essential Oils

Used often in aromatherapy, essential oils are part of “alternative therapies” the employs plant extracts to support health and well-being.

We incorporate essential oils into our candles, body care & home care products that are certified organic and Australian produced.  

We do not claim to cure you of your ailments but we believe that in using essential oils you benefit from inhaling the aromas to soothe & stimulate the mind & emotions.