About Us

Welcome to Oh My Emporium or O.M.E. an Australian online marketplace specialising in scented candles, to buy for yourself or to get that perfect gift for someone special.

Our Mission is to make the world smell great by combining both aromatherapy & Ayurvedic principles into products that are affordable. We have worked really hard to source our ingredients and materials from local businesses whose values align with ours.  The essential oils that are used are manufactured by one of Australia’s most reputable brands for essential oils that are certified as 100% pure, natural & true to botanical.

We want to create just great smelling and good value candles using sustainable ingredients to help you nourish your soul, create a loving & fun home where you can  entertain your family & friends.  Ω.M.E. is about bringing YOU a bit of luxury at an affordable price and for those who want something extra special, we offer you the option to Personalise it!  Make sure you check out our Fragrance Glossary to help you mix and match to your personal taste.

If you love candles as much as we do, we offer a affordable Candle Subscription option which gives you the opportunity to receive our curated scented candle each month, following the seasons.

Our customers are at the heart of anything we create so our products are based on creating experiences for you.   

Starting out small with our candle range, O.M.E is looking to expand into Homewares in 2023.

Founder – Ohmyemporium.com