Peraonalise It

It’s about YOU, your family & friends. 

Personalise it.

We want to help you show how much you love those around you by giving them something special.

Introducing Customer orders to personalise the gifts you give.  We have created a Fragrance Glossary to help you with finding perfect combination of fragrances that will make this a memorable gift.

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The Brief – September 2020

Client: My daughter is turning 13 and I want to get her something special.  She likes to think of herself as “edgy” and is obsessed with candles, burning 3 at a time!  Can we order about 10 candles? She is a seaside and fruity, floral person.

ΩME: Brief accepted. Young girl, so 33-hour burn candle is fine. Personalised label on each candle x 10 is perfect – messages she can see every day that will inspire her and remind her how much she is loved and has to look forward to in life.

Fragrances chosen to suite a teenager of her age & confirmed with mum.

The Brief – October 2019

Client: I am about to celebrate a milestone birthday and want to give my family & friends a little momento of the night.  Birthday theme is Great Gatsby.  I want candles with one fragrance for the men and another one for the ladies.  Personalised message which is romantic.  There are 100 guests.

ΩME: Brief accepted. The candles will have to be small/medium in size,  be different colours (black & dusty pink) & fragrances.  Personalised message from the Great Gatsby on each candle.  

Fragrances chosen to suite romantic theme & confirmed with birthday girl.